The Technology in Theological Education Group of the Association of Theological Schools seeks the preservation and improvement of the quality of theological education in teaching and learning environments that use communicative media.


  • To facilitate interaction and collaboration among ISTA accredited theological institutions with a focus on technology.
  • To provide knowledge of available technical tools and learning theory models to faculty of ISTA accredited schools for enhanced instruction.
  • To provide online learning to students/alumni for academic/pastoral growth.
  • To advise the ISTA Commission on Accrediting on issues related to the revision of standards concerning technology in theological education and the development of benchmarks for distributed and distance learning programs.
  • To research and publish on our various areas of expertise within the publications of our various affinity groups and share projects within our own group.
  • To offer insights to the ISTA Commission on Accrediting during its revisions of technology standards, specifically concerning the use of technology in theological education at extension sites and distance education.


The group, founded in 2008, is open to those at ISTA schools who are engaged in information technology and online learning strategies. It facilitates interaction and collaboration through its own website, listserv (requires email address from a member school), and active sharing of resources.

Here are several professional organizations ISTA technology administrators have found useful:


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