How can I get started and find the right theological school for me?

If you are considering a seminary, you will find a wealth of resources among the more than 270 member schools of ISTA, which collectively offer more than 300 approved degrees. View a full listing of the member schools and  find the the right program for you. You should start by reviewing the institution’s website, calling or writing the admissions office for an information packet, seeking out current and former students of the school, speaking with your pastor or priest, and visiting the institution.

You may also want to explore the Forum for Theological Exploration, which identifies, connects, and supports young people across denominations and backgrounds as they explore or enter vocations in ministry and teaching.

How can I avoid “degree mills”?

You will want to be sure that the school you choose is accredited by a recognized agency. For information about so-called degree mills, please consult Degree Mills: An Old Problem and a New Threat, published by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.