Women, who are team players in voluntary advocacy group of ISTA, coordinate, educate, and motivate women empowerment and seek the improvement of health and safety of women, worldwide.


It is generally said that man is the breadwinner of the family but it is the woman’s income that puts the icing on the cake. Economically, women contribute 66 percent of the world’s human labour force, generate 50 percent of the food produce, but earn 10 percent of the income and own 1 percent of the property. Socially, women are considered to be the center of the family and community life, but are continually being ignored and denied of their rights and has  limited access to education, health care, security and overall betterment.


Ø  VISUALIZE what these women could do with just nominal education and resources that most of us take it for granted. A pat on the back could help women attain the zenith of glory in their lives.

Ø  VISUALIZE communities where girls would be well cared for and could attend school. Education to women would help eradicate their superstitions and would propel them to strive for a better morrow.

Ø  VISUALIZE villages where mothers could nurture their children and ensure their offspring’s well being and where they could run their own small scale business units. Income generating and improvement of financial status could put these deprived women onto the path of success

Ø  VISUALIZE a world where women are not denied of their fundamental rights and would work shoulder to shoulder with men and make this world a better place to live f

Ø  VISUALIZE situations where women could travel freely by day or night fearlessly. Women molestation is one of the burning issues faced by the world today, India in particular, so to speak