Motivated by our Vision, Mission, Core Values, and by the conviction that learning is rooted both in culture and context, we seek to participate in God’s mission in the world by bringing a Christ-oriented world -view  for teaching, learning, knowledge, research and its relevance both to the mission of God and the needs of the world.

All students will take a common core of integrative courses which includes Christian faith, evangelical world concept, knowledge and understanding of the Bible, moral and leadership issues, and understanding the value of research. Such a core is vital for engaging all branches of knowledge in a way that is biblical and missionary in approach. Reinforcing  this pursuit is the core end of university teaching staff that strives to integrate the evangelical faith with their disciplines.  This philosophy serves as the Accreditation philosophy statement. Each constituent entity is to develop its own curriculum philosophy, which would be related to the Accreditation philosophy and relevant to the entity’s distinctive purpose. Existing entities will retain their curriculum philosophy.