The Vision and Mission of the Accreditation are achieved through the following objectives:

  1. To train men and women in the deeper understanding of the Christian faith and to prepare each student to evaluate knowledge in the light of scriptural truth.
  2. To encourage the growth in Christian character for faithful service to the church and the society through various professions.
  3. To promote informed, reflective and effective engagement in the major issues and challenges facing the church and the society in the world.
  4. To enable each learner to develop critical and creative, analytical and innovative thinking, and a variety of research skills to address the concerns and needs of World Christianity and society.
  5. To build institutional capacity for research, transmission and preservation of knowledge.
  6. 6.To offer undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education, and to conduct non-formal programs that will enhance  academic and personal development of students as life-long learners.
  7. To stimulate and nurture Christian mission, witness and service, in the church and the society.