In the increasingly competitive field of higher education all over the world, we believe students will come to ISTA for several features that make it distinct:
Christian Commitment
Because ISTA is missionally Christian, (committed to serving God in His mission in everyone’s lifetime), it will appeal to prospective students in a variety of fields who want an education that takes Biblical perspectives seriously.
Focus on Students
ISTA places students at the center of the learning experience and provides educational opportunities and experiences that facilitate alchemy, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and professional development.
Academic Excellence
ISTA stands for a passionate commitment to scholarship as mission, comprising academic excellence, innovative and relevant research, and lifelong learning. ISTA is committed to researching the main problems faced by the Christian world and produces thoughtful biblical solutions to those problems.
Focused Academic Programs
ISTA will have an emphasis on post-graduate programs but with strongly focused undergraduate programs.
Innovative Technology
By integrating innovative and cutting-edge information and communications technology into its educational program, ISTA will be a leader in this arena among private Christian universities.