The ISTA  Commission on Accrediting has adopted the following policies related to ISTA comprehensive evaluations.

  1. The evaluation inspection fee for comprehensive evaluations $400.00.
  2. The other expense that ISTA will invoice to schools is the cost of evaluator and staff travel. For comprehensive evaluations of a school’s primary location, ISTA will average the travel expenses of all ISTA -appointed evaluators and ISTA staff members for a given semester, and will invoice that average travel cost for each evaluator and staff member present during the visit. In past semesters, the average travel cost has been approximately $100 per person. Schools are billed at the conclusion of the semester in which the visit occurs.
  3. For comprehensive evaluations that include evaluator travel to one or more domestic or international extension sites in addition to the school’s primary location, the school will be billed the actual cost of travel to those sites for ISTA-appointed evaluators and staff. In addition, schools will be charged one-half of the comprehensive evaluation fee for each extension site.
  4. The school should arrange for the direct payment of the hotel, meal, and local transportation costs of the evaluation committee and the ISTA staff representative.

Commission on Accrediting policy requires that ISTA -appointed committee members serve without honoraria or remuneration.