Diploma program is One year full-time or up to four years part-time. It aims to introduce students in a systematic manner to the body of coherent knowledge that is the classical discipline of theology as a means of preparing men and women for well- informed participation in the life of the church and for ministry among children, youth and families. Over one years of full time study, combining College based lectures and classes with practical experience in ministry placements, the Diploma program will equip you well for sharing Jesus with children and young people.

The Diploma in Theology introduces students to the key theological disciplines of Biblical Studies and Christian Thought and History. This may be extended by further study in those disciplines or by electives in the area of practical ministry studies.

Graduates of the Diploma in Theology. Have sound foundational skills for critical study of Christian texts. Have skills to articulate foundational theological and scriptural knowledge and reflection. Have developed clear analytical skills allowing them to analyse and communicate sound theological arguments. Apply their skills and knowledge to their own and other contexts and traditions. Apply their skills and knowledge to the service of others through practical engagement and in contexts such as conversation.

Graduates may proceed to an Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry, an Advanced Diploma in Philosophy, or to the Bachelor of Ministry or Bachelor of Theology.

Successful completion of 10 Years of school, or equivalent. Probationary admission is available to approved persons aged 18 or greater who have not completed Year 10.