PurposeEntry Requirements
The course is intended to further the education of adults in relation to Christian faith and life. Its aim is to stimulate the interest of alert and enquiring minds. What is required is not so much academic scholarship as an understanding of Christian theology and its implication for contemporary life.

The certificate in theology that International Senate for Theological Accreditation (ISTA), offer is the opportunity to pursue master’s-level coursework even though one has not received a bachelor’s degree. The Diploma in Theology provides a quality education in areas of theology, hermeneutics, bible backgrounds, spiritual formation and prayer, preaching and other pastoral courses, and either Greek or Hebrew.

One of the options a minimum of at least two years of college level education is required for admission, unless the requirement is waived by special action of the Admissions Committee. Holders of the Diploma in Theology who subsequently earn a bachelor’s degree may have their credits applied toward a degree program. After successful completion of the prescribed 78 hour program, a student may be awarded a Diploma in Theology.

Open to persons who have satisfactorily completed Year 10 standard (or equivalent); or to such other persons approved by the Board of Directors. The closing date for applications for the First Semester enrolments is March 15; for the Second Semester enrolments, August 15. Late applications will not be accepted after March 31 or August 31 and a late enrolment fee will be applied. Applications must be made on the prescribed form, which can be downloaded from the ISTA website www.istaedu.org

Course Structure

The course consists of the following units

Graduating Levels