What is the Board of Commissioners?

 The Board of Commissioners (Board) is elected by the member schools of the Commission with representatives from member schools, from ministry practitioners, and from the public.

What kinds of programs does the Senate on Accrediting approve?

The Senate approves, separately each B.Th., B.A., B.D., B.S.W., MA, MSW, T.HM., D.Min, Th.D, Ph.D. offered by member institutions, based upon Educational Standards and Degree Program Standards. It does not accredit any undergraduate schools nor approve any undergraduate programs.

Can I earn a degree through Distance Education Programmes?

The Senate’s Educational Standard and Degree Program Standards, have residency requirements for all degree programs. Those M.A programs may be completed entirely online if that school has approval for comprehensive distance education.

I have a degree from a foreign country. Would it be accepted at the institution? 

Degrees obtained outside the country need to be equivalent to those meet the standard set by ISTA. The admissions or registrar’s office of the institution to which you are seeking admission would have to evaluate and determine the equivalency of the foreign degree.

Does the Commission provide a qualitative ranking of its member schools? 

The Commission does not provide a qualitative ranking of its member schools. To be an Accredited Member means that a theological school is judged to have resources appropriate to its purposes and educational programs; that its degree programs meet agreed upon conventions of admission, content, requirements, and duration; and that it is able to demonstrate the extent to which its educational and institutional goals are being achieved.

How can I determine if a school is appropriate for me?

You should start by reviewing the institution’s website, calling or writing the admissions office for an information packet, seeking out current and former students of the school, speaking with your pastor or priest, and visiting the institution.